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About Us

At NULANE we want to make the building process an exciting experience for our clients. The purpose of a laneway house is not only to increase the value of your property and generate revenue, but also change the way you think about the Greater Vancouver area lifestyle. Small space design can be a fun and enlightening experience and we want to be a part of that with you!

We are committed to treating our clients, employees, contractors, business partners and competition fairly and respectfully creating a wholesome atmosphere both for us and for you.

Our business vision is based on creating value for our clients in an efficient manner, and capture a fair part of this value to cover our day to day operation, our growth and a fair profit for our shareholders. Our focus will always be to add value to our clients.

Our Purpose

Laneway housing has become extremely popular in the last 10 years. It is an exciting way to bring extra income into your family’s life. This trend is not only happening in the city of Greater Vancouver area, but is happening in-land and across the country.

As housing prices soar, people are finding new innovative ways to live and raise families. Large empty rooms are no longer sought after, and are replaced by intelligent storage and good flow to their home.