Our Services

Architectural Design

Let our design team take your vision and turn it into a reality. During the design process, we will work with you and compile a list of the things you need and the things you want. This list becomes the base that we use to turn your dream into reality.
We use a industry standard 2D and 3D programs that allow us to give you a real sense of how your space will look and feel.

Our design team can produce realistic, accurate renderings of your living space before any construction begins so that if you can make the right decisions before construction begins.

Site Services

Building in your back yard can become quite a chaotic experience. We understand this and try to make sure that our sites are handled as if they were our own, clean and tidy areas are a company policy. All of our sites are inspected daily by our project manager and ensured a safe tidy construction site for you and your family. We are a smoke free company that promotes professional work wear and manners.

Permits & Municipality

Sometimes permit acquisition isn’t always easy. Not to worry, we are working closely with the building departments in different municipalities to constantly be improving the permit process and keep this part as smooth and fast as possible.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or brand new to the building industry, dealing with the city can be an overwhelming experience. We understand this, let us take care of the permit facilitation and allow you to focus on what’s important, your life. Our team has years of experience working with the different municipalities to get the project rolling as fast as possible.

We maintain a good relationship with building planners, site inspectors and managers in the building department. We provide positive feedback and accept pointers on how to streamline our permit process to make this part of the build as hassle free as we can.

Project Management

Our approach to the construction phase of your build is to make sure communication is clear and concise, while staying on schedule & in budget.

A well thought out plan is executed through proper scope analysis, accurate quotes and detailed schedules. Planning out a project from start to finish can be a lot to think about, but with NULANE we pride ourselves on being diligent with the details.

With a good management team, and a circle of trusted professional trades and suppliers, we work closely to get fast quotes, secured schedules and strict budgets that are followed closely.

Site Services is an area that can be very confusing and messy. We work through this phase as quickly as possible as to disrupt your life and your neighbors as little as possible. Our team is great at working with the city as well as the excavation team to streamline this part of the process.

Interior Design

Interior design can take any space and turn it into a functional, beautiful, and efficient area to live in. We have a working history with some of the most stylish, easy to work with interior designers in the city. We love their ability to take an empty canvas and make it feel as thought it was something destined for a magazine.

We work with one of the city’s best interior designers. They will take your idea’s and turn them into exciting and fun realities.


Yes! We also do renovations! With over 15 years of renovations experience, we are excited to turn your existing house in to a beautiful new space to call home.

Renovations is where it all began. This is the foundation for any builder to get started. It is a great way to make relationships and get experience. Nulane founders have over 15+ years of renovation and new building experience that will be able to tackle any issue and deal with any problem solving on the job, minimizing down time and creating easy to foresee issues.

Let us handle your renovation from start to finish, anything from bathrooms, kitchens, basements, all the way to full additions and beyond.


Our skilled trades pay exceptional attention to detail, and with local and environmentally responsible products taking priority over other products, we ensure that by the time the keys are handed over, your end result will be both aesthetically pleasing, and last for many years to come. We believe that with good design, quality workmanship, and sustainable products, a home should last for generations.


Working with the clients budget, we try to source good quality local products that are environmentally responsible with no VOC’s.


We buy and supply energy efficient appliances that help keep the monthly bills down and look great at the same time.

Heating and cooling

We are constantly looking for the most efficient way to heat small spaces, we work with trades that are excited about efficient heating.